Our Heritage

Intelligent Energy has a fine heritage built on technology achievement and development leadership, taken from over 20 years’ experience working with blue chip partners to accelerate and de-risk their clean power commercialisation plans.

From developing the world’s first hydrogen fuel cell motorbike, the ENV, to powering the world’s first manned fuel cell power flight to then spearheading a consortium of partners to bring fuel cell electric black taxis to the streets of London and developing Upp, the personal energy device, Intelligent Energy has an unrivalled tradition of innovation in each of the markets in which it operates.

Building on these solid foundations, Intelligent Energy has gone on to develop PEM fuel cells that, using hydrogen as a fuel, display the highest power densities of any type, combining a partnering approach with a product portfolio which has successfully been deployed across different market sectors, enabling our partners to gain quicker access to markets with significantly less capital expenditure.