Partnering With Us

Intelligent Energy operates a business-to-business partnering model across its three key markets – automotive, consumer electronics and distributed power and generation

Design once and deploy many times

Our fuel cell technology platforms are versatile, robust, efficient, power-dense and compact, enabling them to be easily integrated within a wide range of applications. This means our power technology is simpler, more cost effective and perfectly suited for mass manufacture, across our three sectors.

Our partnerships with bluechip corporations and OEMs, take the form of mutually beneficial commercial arrangements, from licensing to equity-based participatory agreements. We combine our partners' well-established channels to mass markets and supply chains with our field-proven technologies and knowledge, to develop low risk, leading power solutions.

We operate an IP-led approach so that our partners are able to leverage our industry-leading power technology portfolio immediately and cost-effectively, resulting in reduced risk and faster route to market.

Licensing +

We operate a flexible business model to maximise the opportunities for our customers and partners. Our partners are central to our business. Working closely with our blue chip customers, OEM partners, manufacturing partners and suppliers, we combine our expertise in efficient power technologies with their well-established channels to mass markets.

We use a partnership model approach across all of our target markets, ranging from technology licensing and royalty-based agreements to collaborative joint ventures.

Applications for our technology

Whatever the application, our systems all consist of the same core elements:

  • IP
  • Power Management
  • Proprietary Fuel Cell Stack Design
  • System Control Software
  • Thermal Management

With these core elements in place, our systems can be reconfigured and scaled to fit almost any purpose, for example:

Technology Core Elements

Our proven system integration experience and proprietary fuel cell platforms give our partners the competitive edge.

Motorcycles & Small Vehicles

Intelligent Energy provide proprietary Air Cooled (AC) technology platforms to power motorcycles and small vehicles; typically 1-20kW systems.

Medium to Large Automobiles

Intelligent Energy provide proprietary Evaporatively Cooled (EC) technology platforms to power medium and large vehicles; typically 10-90kW systems.

Consumer Electronics

Intelligent Energy provide a range of 2 - 100 watt Air Cooled (AC) power solutions for a wide range of consumer electronic devices.

Distributed Power and Generation Solutions

Intelligent Energy provide onboard asset management and proprietary Air Cooled (AC) technology platforms to power a wide range of backup and remote power solutions.