What We Can Do For You

As a leading power technology company, we can dramatically lower the entry cost and development time required for automotive fuel cell integration into modern electric vehicles. Our experience gives you the competitive advantage.

Powering technology for the FCEV market

Intelligent Energy fuel cell systems are proven, power-dense and capable of operating in a wide range of applications. Our scalable power technology platforms have been designed with mass manufacturing as a priority, with reduced system size and complexity being a key design objective.

With many years of automotive experience, Intelligent Energy can dramatically lower the entry cost and the time required to integrate fuel cell technology into your future powertrain and vehicle strategies.

Dedicated Programme Management

Working closely with our partners throughout powertrain integration, a dedicated project team supports all phases of the programme from definition, to production release. The team assembled is based on our partners unique requirements.

Our in depth knowledge of automotive fuel cell system integration assures you of the optimum power solution in the shortest development time. Extensive in-house test facilities, automated prototype stack manufacturing and quality approved subsystem suppliers guarantee that our partners production programmes stay on track.

Our technology is applicable to many types of vehicle

Our Air Cooled technology is suitable for smaller vehicles, from mopeds and motorbikes to small cars, and everything in between.

Larger vehicles are better suited to our Evaporatively Cooled system. The EC system can be used to power anything from medium sized cars to people carriers, vans and other commercial vehicles.

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