Consumer Electronics

Powering the mobile revolution

The requirement for portable power has been growing at an exponential rate, driven by an ever-increasing need for greater amounts of power for our electronic devices.

Mobile phones are among the most important innovations of our time. We rely on their increasingly sophisticated technology as they give us “on-the-go” access to anything, anywhere. But with this power to talk, text, email and surf the web we put a significantly higher demand on the battery. So much so that a 2012 survey by J.D. Power & Associates stated “smartphone battery life has become a significant drain on customer satisfaction.”

Intelligent Energy's portable fuel cell systems are durable, cost-effective and can be easily integrated into a wide range of distributed and portable electronic applications.

Our technology can be sized to suit your requirements and designed to power anything from a laptop to a mobile phone.

Watch the video opposite to find out more about our portable fuel cell product, UppTM.