Working With Us

Intelligent Energy operates a business-to-business partnering model across our target markets with partners typically being large blue chip corporations and OEMs. The partnerships themselves take the form of mutually beneficial commercial arrangements, from licensing to equity-based participatory agreements.

We offer these partners rapid access to power technology markets, combining their well-established channels to mass markets and supply chains with our field-proven technologies and knowledge taken from over 20 years of engineering experience, to develop low risk, low cost clean power applications.

As we have already done the development and testing, our partners don’t have to. We operate an IP-led approach enabling our partners to leverage our industry-leading power technology portfolio immediately and cost-effectively.

A flexible, fully tailored development path – from technology evaluation at the pilot stage right through to product launch and support – ensures that we have a long and successful track record of accelerating and de-risking all of our partners’ commercialisation plans.