Nearly Half of Millennials Run Out of Phone Battery at Least Once a Day

Consumers are Now Willing to Pay More for Extended Power in Their Devices

Published on Thu 10 March, 2016

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Loughborough, UK – March 9, 2016 – A new survey by Intelligent Energy, the energy technology company, has revealed the height of consumer frustration caused by inadequate power of mobile devices. Nearly half of those surveyed (44%) admitted they run out of battery at least once a day and over 10% confessed to plugging in more than once a day. With smartphone and device usage on the rise, the survey showed that consumers are willing to pay more for devices that offered extended power.

The UK has become an increasingly connected society according to another piece of research by Deloitte. 76% of adults now own a smartphone and it’s estimated that, collectively, UK consumers look at their smartphones 400 billion times a year, with 35% of smartphone users checking their phones within five minutes of waking. One in five of us carry some kind of charger around with us most of the time and more than 7% of us are plugging our phones in every few hours, according to Intelligent Energy’s research.

With all signs pointing to increased smartphone and device usage, consumers are feeling the pain of limited battery power. When looking at the biggest annoyance of mobile devices, the Intelligent Energy study found that two fifths (39.2%) of consumers find battery life the most frustrating aspect of their smartphone. In fact it is one of top 10 frustrations of daily life, alongside cold calls and slow internet connections. Of the respondent’s findings, four times as many people said this was more frustrating than the second-place phone-related problem – lack of space (9.5%).

“Consumers are relying more and more on their mobile devices for everything from streaming content, playing games and conducting business such as banking and payment transactions. But unfortunately, batteries in their current form cannot keep pace with consumers’ insatiable demand for always on connectivity,” said Julian Hughes, Acting Managing Director for Intelligent Energy’s Consumer Electronics Division. “Consumers want to cut the proverbial power cord and have devices that are more reliable and last longer without being tethered to a wall socket. The time is now to rethink the role alternative energy sources, like fuel cells, can play in liberating the global energy mix and unlocking the full potential of the broader mobile economy by mobilising energy production in the palm of your hand.”

Battery life is now so important to consumers that over 10% of respondents confessed to borrowing a colleague or relative’s charger without asking, whilst another 13% have plugged into a train station or airport plug socket out of sheer desperation. This has led to 70% of respondents confirming they would be willing to pay for better battery life, with almost two fifths willing to stretch up to £20 extra.[1] However it’s clear there’s still a need to educate consumers on alternatives to battery power as almost 35% of respondents believe that adding a fuel cell to a mobile device would have no impact.

About a fifth didn’t think that any efforts were being made to improve battery life and a quarter thought they would be powered by movement.

“Fuel cell technology is one of the most promising energy sources for portable applications,” added Hughes. “They have a very high energy density, are safe, environmentally clean at source and can be supplied in primary power or fuel cell/battery hybrid configurations. While a traditional cell phone battery barely lasts a day, for example, that same battery plus a fuel cell could power a phone or other personal devices for up to a week.”

Today’s survey follows a recent announcement from Intelligent Energy that it’s partnering with an emerging OEM to deliver embedded fuel cell technology for the manufacturer’s devices. Once embedded, a fuel cell has the potential to keep a smartphone powered for more than a week without plugging into the wall socket. Outside of the mobile device market, the firm has also developed a prototype of a hydrogen fuel cell powered range extender for drones. The range extender offers longer flight time and fast re-fuel capabilities, addressing two of the biggest challenges for manufacturers of battery-powered drones.

The survey, conducted by OnePoll polled 1000 consumers across the United Kingdom between the ages of 18 – 55+.


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Top 10 Frustrations of Daily Life



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PPI / cold calls



Slow internet connection



Traffic jams



Spam emails



People talking loudly into their telephones



Automated telephone menus



Phone battery dying



Stepping on a plug



People listening loudly to music on trains/buses



Partner snoring



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[1] The respondents self-selected so we would anticipate higher willingness to pay