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June 2017

May 2017

How Fuel Cell Microgrids Improve Electric Reliability

Published on Fri 12 May, 2017

The frequency and duration of power outages is on the rise. This excerpt from, “Fuel Cell Microgrids: The Path to Lower Cost, Higher Reliability Cleaner Energy,” explains how fu...

April 2017

Teach STEM skills to all, urges report

Published on Tue 18 April, 2017

All students should learn at least some science and technology skills to make sure they can fit into modern digital jobs, even if they study other very different degrees, new re...

March 2017

April 2016

March 2016

Hydrogen-powered drone takes flight

Published on Tue 29 March, 2016

BBC Click's Jen Copestake has been given exclusive access to the test flights of a drone powered by a hydrogen fuel cell.

Five hydrogen fuelling stations to open this year

Published on Wed 9 March, 2016

Hydrogen fuel company ITM Power says it is scheduled to have five of its refuelling stations in operation in the UK by the end of the year, and a further three are in the final ...

Scientists Say New Hydrogen Process Is 100% Efficient

Published on Tue 1 March, 2016

The process is so efficient because it was powered entirely by light. Nanorods just 50 nanometers long absorb photons from a light source and then release electrons to help spli...

February 2016

The first hydrogen car ferry in Norway

Published on Thu 25 February, 2016

CMR Prototech is planning to install hydrogen fuel cells on the Osterøy car ferry “MF Ole Bull”. The ferry will be the first car ferry in Norway to use hydrogen as fuel.

Fuel Cells Powering Inner-City Vehicles

Published on Fri 19 February, 2016

Inner-city deliveries in Austria may soon be powered by pollution-free fuel cell technology that is also being explored by ESA for satellites and robotic missions to Mars.

British Firm Unveils Prototype Hydrogen Car

Published on Tue 16 February, 2016

A British firm has unveiled its prototype hydrogen car. Riversimple, based in Powys, Wales, aims to take on the giants of the motor industry with the two-seater Rasa.

January 2016

Engineers warn of looming UK energy gap

Published on Tue 26 January, 2016

A report from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers has warned that demand for electricity in the UK will likely outstrip supply by up to 55% over the next decade.