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January 2016

Beijing to spend $2.57 billion to improve air quality

Published on Mon 25 January, 2016

Beijing will earmark 16.5 billion yuan ($2.57 billion) to improve air quality in 2016, sources with the Beijing environment authorities said on Sunday. The funds will be used to...

Will India go cashless if mobile payments take off?

Published on Thu 21 January, 2016

Can mobile wallets in India mirror the success that mobile payment tech has enjoyed in countries like Kenya, where more than 90% of the adult population has signed up to Vodafon...

Honda, GM Plan Joint Fuel Cell Plant

Published on Mon 18 January, 2016

Honda Motors and General Motors are planning to build a fuel cell plant jointly in a bid to reduce costs involved in developing electric cars, Japanese news daily Asahi Shimbun ...

ITM Power to build hydrogen station at CEME site

Published on Wed 13 January, 2016

Clean fuel specialist ITM Power (LON:ITM) is to build a solar hydrogen refuelling station (SHRS) at The Centre for Engineering and Manufacturing Excellence (CEME) in East London.

Best of British tech 2016 (CES)

Published on Fri 8 January, 2016

It’s the big brands that dominate in tech. Samsung and its newest smartphone or Sony and its latest TV hog the headlines and the shelves at Currys. Unfortunately, big rarely mea...

Arup and ITM Power to collaborate on hydrogen fuel

Published on Thu 7 January, 2016

Arup and ITM Power have announced a Memorandum of Understanding, through which they will supply each other with expertise and capabilities, to improve the hydrogen energy system...

CES 2016: drones, driverless cars and smart brewers

Published on Wed 6 January, 2016

On the eve of the opening of the world’s largest technology show, CES 2016, hundreds of eager show-goers are crowded into a cavernous ballroom in one of Las Vegas’ many, identic...