Class-leading fuel cell technology

Intelligent Energy's proprietary, high performance fuel cell platforms have been designed for high volume manufacturing in two distinct modular architectures: Air Cooled (AC) and Evaporatively Cooled (EC).

Our technology delivers low temperature operability, whilst utilising simplified balance of plant in comparison to conventional fuel cell systems. The overall result is a compact power system with fewer components, improved reliability and reduced system cost.

Our expertise covers a wide variety of automotive platforms for fuel cell stacks and systems ranging from 1kW up to 100kW and beyond.

Intelligent Energy has focused on developing proprietary fuel cell stacks and systems with high power densities targeted at enhanced system reliability, high performance and reduced weight and complexity for series production. We partner with some of the world's leading automotive manufactures to provide the power technology and system knowledge to accelerate their fuel cell electric vehicle deployment.

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Air Cooled (AC)

Intelligent Energy’s proprietary Air Cooled (AC) technology utilises cathode air cooling to manage the thermal balance of the fuel cell.

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Evaporatively Cooled (EC)

Intelligent Energy’s proprietary Evaporatively Cooled (EC) technology utilises the heat of vapourisation to manage the thermal balance of the fuel cell.

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