Consumer Electronics (CE)

Powering technology

The requirement for portable power has been growing at an exponential rate, driven by an ever-increasing need for power for our consumer electronic devices.

Mobile phones are among the most important innovations of our time. We rely on their increasingly sophisticated technology as they give us 'on-the-go' access to anything, anywhere. Battery performance however, is consistently one of the biggest areas of consumer dissatisfaction, as battery size and technology is not following the increased power demands of modern consumer devices.

Intelligent Energy's portable fuel cell systems are highly efficient, durable and provide a cost-effective alternative power source that can be easily integrated into a wide range of portable electronic applications. 

The waste of energy and resources by consumer society is becoming an ever more critical issue. Intelligent Energy believe that the convergence of small-scale, high-efficiency embedded fuel cell power systems into consumer electronics has a major role to play in the better organisation of global electronics product consumption.

Designed around Intelligent Energy’s patented modular fuel cell architecture, we develop proprietary high energy density and high-durability fuel cell power systems, suitable for cost-effective, large-scale product integration.