Stationary Power

Off-grid power generation & management solutions

A readily available supply of energy is taken for granted in the modern world. When faced with grid failure, the need to supply reliable distributed and backup power is imperative to reduce loss of revenue and to keep critical systems operating.

Existing grid-replacement and backup power technologies use batteries and generators operating on diesel, propane or gasoline. There are increasing concerns with these methods of power provision, leading to our partners seeking out alternatives that provide better reliability and are more cost effective when considering total cost of operation and ownership.

Fuel cell systems provide an opportunity to both reduce operating costs and increase environmental performance relative to what is possible with traditional diesel generators.

Distributed power is power generated at or near the point of use. Intelligent Energy’s hydrogen fuel cell power systems are designed for modularity and scalability and are suitable for a variety of different off-grid applications, including:

  • Wireless base stations
  • Telecom rooftop applications
  • Wire-line communication networks
  • Emergency communication systems
  • Radio repeaters
  • Flight guidance systems
  • Microwave communications
  • Surveillance and security
  • Transportation network communications

Intelligent Energy's fuel cell technology offers a significant opportunity to provide a more cost-effective and cleaner distributed power solution. This is particularly true in the developing world where rapid population growth combined with limited infrastructure means that the electricity grid is unreliable at best, unavailable at worst.