305 modular fuel cell system

Designed around Intelligent Energy’s patented modular fuel cell architecture, the 305 fuel cell system provides our partners with an efficient and reliable solution to maintain their critical power systems 24/7.

The Intelligent Energy 305 system utilises the latest hydrogen fuelled, proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell technology and is scalable for immediate field deployment.

Features and benefits include:

  • High efficiency, remote off-grid power generation solution
  • Operational cost savings and overall through life cost saving compared to diesel generators
  • Clean power provision - zero emissions at point of use
  • Modular solutions allowing for simple “plug and play” system upgrades as power levels at site increase over time
  • Remote monitoring capability – utilises Intelligent Energy proprietary remote asset tracking technology (AMBIS), ensuring optimised operation and performance through real-time system data analysis
  • Alternative to diesel generators using hydrogen as a fuel

Hydrogen available from numerous sources including:

  • Renewable hydrogen generation from wind, solar or biomass installations
  • Hydrogen production via hydrocarbon reformation at refineries and other industrial sites
  • By-products from other industrial processes e.g. Chlor-alkali plants
  • Hydrogen delivery is available world-wide from industrial gas providers
  • Brokered by Intelligent Energy on behalf of our partners (where regional fuel supply coverage is provided)