Intelligent Energy Products

Intelligent Energy’s proprietary air cooled fuel cells, provide clean power at class leading power densities for application across its target markets of distributed energy, diesel replacement, automotive and aerial drones.
Intelligent Energy provides a range of fuel cell solutions to its customers ranging from stacks for integration into third-party systems or complete systems with or without hydrogen storage included.

Intelligent Energy Products

AC64 Stack

The AC64 fuel cell stack provides power in a simple, cost-effective, robust and lightweight package. A modular design allows scaling across 700W to 2700W per stack to meet customer requirements for systems up to 20kW.

Air-Cooled Fuel Cell Module

The Fuel Cell Module (FCM) is a modular, compact and self-contained power solution available at a regulated 1kW output or an unregulated 2kW, which can be deployed for a wide range of applications; including diesel replacement, backup power, microgrids and disaster recovery.

305 Fuel Cell Power System

The 305 Fuel Cell Power System utilises AC64 stack technology to provide scalable power from 1kW to 6kW. The systems feature zero emissions, quiet operation, automated control and assured power availability for applications such as telecommunications, disaster recovery and micro-grids.

4kW Fuel Cell Power Unit

The 4kW Fuel Cell Power Unit has been designed to meet automotive standards, requirements and safety criteria. The unit features rapid start-up, world-class stack power density, and advanced control and diagnostics software in a reliable, compact and robust configuration.


Intelligent Energy fuel cells extend flight times to drones presently constrained by the limitations of batteries. Flight durations of over three times that provided by batteries have been achieved and fuel cells provide a solution for manufacturers moving to larger drones and heavier payloads.

AC10 Stack

The AC10 fuel cell stack produces power in a lightweight and compact package. It can be readily integrated into systems with minimal balance-of-plant components. A modular design allows systems to be scaled across 12W to 320W and configured to meet voltage, current and form factor requirements.