A new horizon in global system performance optimisation.

Intelligent Energy has developed proprietary software tools that intelligently analyse huge-data applications, providing smart information to our partners and enabling power systems to run at maximum efficiency and with the lowest operating cost over the products' lifetime.

AMBIS systems can quickly process huge amounts of data utilising algorithms that have originated from the best practices of the aerospace, marine, power, process and railway industries. This service provides our partners with a toolbox of diagnostic software solutions to support their technical services.

Intelligent Energy recognises that our partners do not just want to operate fuel cell systems. They want the capabilities that fuel cell systems provide, clean, quiet and efficient power, guaranteed over the lifetime of the product.

Data transmitted from globally deployed fuel cell systems can be turned by Intelligent Energy into actionable information, using:

  • Knowledge of our partners' business and operational needs
  • Intelligent Energy’s detailed fuel cell and remote power provision knowledge and experience
  • Proven toolbox of diagnostic software solutions for optimising power solutions 

Using advanced computational tools, our experienced engineering team analyses and converts near real-time transmitted asset data into information which is used to maximise business benefits for our partners:

  • Optimised management of planned and unplanned system maintenance
  • Optimised operation of the fuel cell systems and the devices they power