Air- Cooled (AC) Systems

Intelligent Energy Air-Cooled fuel cell systems utilise low power fans to provide cooling and the oxidant supply for operation.

In the Air-Cooled fuel cell system, heat from the fuel cell stack is conducted to cooling plates and removed through airflow channels, resulting in a simplified and cost effective power solution. These systems are typically used in a wide range of portable and stationary power applications, as well as two-wheel and small car range extenders and to power aerial drones.

Intelligent Energy Air-Cooled systems can be configured to operate within the temperature range -40oC to 50oC. 

Technology Summary

  • Provides clean DC power
  • High efficiency
  • Eliminates the need for humidification systems – open cathode technology
  • Simple, low cost design
  • Reduced tooling costs
  • Stack can be scaled to meet customer power requirements
  • Flexibility in system packaging
  • Available in single stacks or system modules in the 1W to 20kW power range 

Precise fuel cell control is provided by on-board electronics and Intelligent Energy’s proprietary software algorithms which have been developed and refined over 25 years of fuel cell control experience.

Intelligent Energy’s Air-Cooled systems are field proven in demanding global applications. The modular nature of our systems allow for precise scaling to meet customer power and form factor requirements, providing clean DC power in a lightweight and robust package.

System testing and validation

In order to accommodate the need to replicate or simulate duty cycles demanded by the specific applications of our partners, Intelligent Energy can provide access to major test-rig capabilities at the Loughborough UK facility.

Our capabilities include multiple rigs which support 24/7 stack durability trials including remote monitoring, as well as full system electrochemical engine test beds for multi kilowatt scale stationary and automotive demonstrations.

Larger ‘walk in’ environmental test chambers are available, capable of receiving large stacks and complete systems for validation trials prior to successful field deployment.