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About Intelligent Energy

Intelligent Energy delivers clean energy solutions for the distributed energy, diesel replacement, automotive and aerial drone markets. Working with international companies, Intelligent Energy aims to embed its fuel cell stack technology into applications across its target market sectors.

With its principal facility and headquarters in Loughborough, UK, the company also operates in Japan, India, China, France and the US.

Intelligent Energy's proprietary, high performance air-cooled (AC) fuel cell platform has been designed for high volume manufacturing. Our technology delivers low temperature operability, whilst utilising simplified balance of plant. The overall result is a compact power system with fewer components, high reliability and reduced system cost.

Intelligent Energy has long history of over 30 years of fuel cell innovation and notable firsts and continues to be an intellectual rich company with over 1800 patents granted or pending.


Intelligent Energy Products

PEM fuel cells are robust, high power density, low temperature devices with rapid start-up and response times, they deliver clean electrical energy utilising hydrogen fuel and oxygen from the air, producing pure water vapour as a byproduct. They are widely applicable across numerous market sectors with a power range from a few watts to many kilowatts.

Intelligent Energy provides a range of fuel cell solutions to its customers, focused on power outputs from a few watts up to 20kWs,  ranging from stacks for integration into third-party systems to complete systems with or without hydrogen storage included.

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The United States is a key market for Intelligent Energy fuel cell products and the company has had a continuous presence since 2002. Today, its main office is based in San Jose, California with a Research Centre in Merritt Island, Florida, serving customers throughout the US. IE is proud to be a member of a number of trade associations, industry bodies and business networks, including FCHEA (the Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Energy Association), the California Hydrogen Business Council, H2USA, the Silicon Valley Organisation and the Silicon Valley Leadership Group.


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