The Intelligent Energy Charitable Trust has already helped a significant number of Charnwood based groups and organisations, including;

Abel Camps, ADAPT Prembabies, BACA Charity, Birstall Methodist Lunch Club, Charnwood Food Poverty Action Group, Citizens Advice Bureau, Coping with Cancer, Exaireo, Falcon Support Services, First Loughborough Scout Group, Glebe House, Life Beacon, Living Without Abuse, Loughborough Leggo Youth Group, Loughborough University Students Union Action Section, Menphys, MOVE, Peter Le Marchant Trust, Rainbows Hospice, Rosebery Community Centre, Shepshed Dolphin Swimming Club, Shepshed First Responders, Steps Conductive Education Centre, Syston Arts and Recreation Group, Syston & District Volunteer Club, The Bridge, Twenty Twenty.

Meet the Awardees

Loughborough Students Union Action Group

Loughborough Students Union Action Group  holds numerous events and activities and the students involved in the Action Group have accumulated over 23,000 hours of volunteering each year to benefit others in need. The projects they help range from working with children and young people to sports projects and one-off projects that benefit the local community, like litter picks.

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Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People

As the East Midlands’ only hospice for children and young people, we provide vital care and support to families impacted by life-limiting conditions. Your support means we can provide end of life care, symptom management, short breaks and respite care. We can also be there to support parents and siblings through their bereavements. Our team are there for families when they need us the most, but we couldn’t do our work without the help of people like you. We know that together we can bring more love, smiles and laughter to our children, young people and families.

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Shepshed Dolphin Swimming Group

Shepshed Dolphin Swimming Group is a swimming group for anyone with a disability, need, health condition or illness. Based at Iveshead Community Pool, in Shepshed, Loughborough, members could be recovering from an illness or injury or may have a long-term illness. Through their weekly swimming sessions and other sporting and social activities, SDSG aims to provide exercise, pool activity, and most importantly, fun, for anyone who may benefit.

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ADAPT Prembabies

ADAPT Prembabies Limited is a local Leicestershire Charity which supports parents and families of premature and poorly babies. There is no disputing the fact that the babies get the best clinical care, but for the parents it’s a different story of not knowing from day-to-day, sometimes hour to hour, whether their baby will survive. This is where the ADAPT Charity steps in to help them through the rollercoaster journey.  The charity has a Family Therapist based on the two local neonatal units who help to care for the parents’ emotional well-being and provide counselling sessions for any mental health and trauma associated with having an early or poorly baby.

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Citizens Advice Charnwood

Citizens Advice Charnwood helps around 5,000 people each year with a wide range of enquiries and problems. Each Local Citizens Advice office is an independent charity. We offer free, independent, impartial and confidential advice across a range of enquiry areas, such as welfare benefits, debt, housing, employment and relationships and family. Getting good advice can not only resolve the presenting issue but can also lead to improved mental health in our community due to less stress and anxiety.

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Peter Le Marchant Trust

The Peter Le Marchant Trust was the first canal boat charity to be established in the UK, specifically with an aspiration to provide canal boat experiences for elderly people and those living with disabilities or a chronic or long-term illness. After over 40 years of successful operation and service to over 200,000, the Peter Le Marchant Trust now deploys three disability friendly and accessible canal boats. Due to high and increasing demands for its services, the boating season now operates seven days a week between March and October (plus Christmas) and carries nearly 6000 passengers a year on holidays and day trips.

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John Storer Charnwood

John Storer Charnwood (JSC) is an independent charity which has been serving the Borough of Charnwood for over 50 years, providing high quality services for some of the most vulnerable people of Loughborough and surrounding areas. With 176 volunteers including 16 adults with support needs, JSC is a multi-faceted community centre providing leisure and social activities for older people and adults with learning disabilities, attracting over 1,000 visitors per month.

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Living Without Abuse

Living Without Abuse supports men and women experiencing domestic abuse and sexual violence across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. Domestic abuse affects 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men in their lifetimes and the charity helps over 2,000 men, women and children every year.

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Shepshed First Responders

The Shepshed Lions Club Community First Responders are a group of volunteers who are trained and deployed by East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) to respond to a wide range of medical emergencies in Shepshed, Loughborough and surrounding villages.

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MOVE charity was founded by international athlete and Loughborough University Graduate Gemma Hillier-Moses. Gemma was diagnosed with stage 3 Burkett’s lymphoma,a rare form of cancer, in 2012 at the age of 24. She was told to rest and was not given any advice or help about exercising with and beyond cancer. During Gemma’s experience with cancer she noticed that there was a lack of knowledge, education and support provided to both patients and health care professionals around the physiological and psychological benefits of physical activity both during treatment and in recovery.  Gemma founded MOVE in 2016 to provide something she never got herself: Access to free, professional advice and support on how to literally Move Against Cancer.

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Steps is a registered charity in Shepshed that supports families with children who have Cerebral Palsy, chromosome disorders including Down Syndrome or other conditions which affect the acquisition of motor skills. 

Using Conductive Education, which combines education, psychology and medical science, their goal is to develop the skills the children need to progress and maximise their potential. At the same time, they provide parents with the knowledge, confidence, and strength they need to understand how they can help their child. 

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Birstall Methodist Lunch Club

The Birstall Methodist Lunch Club has been running for 50 years and provides retired residents of Birstall (some in their 80s and 90s) with a place to meet and socialise once a week.

The club is run by 25 volunteers and takes place every Wednesday for 48 weeks of the year. Not only does this give elderly members of the local community an opportunity to socialise, but the club also provides the members with a home cooked two-course meal and transport where needed. 

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The Bridge (East Midlands)

The Bridge (East Midlands) is a local charity that provides a range of support to homeless and vulnerably housed people across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. They offer specialist housing related advice, support and accommodation options to those in need, as well as food bank facilities. 

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Life Beacon

Life Beacon are a non-profit organization that educates and mentors young people in taking the right decisions in developing their skills, capacities, and capabilities to enable them to participate in society as independent, mature and responsible individuals.

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The Baca Charity

The Baca Charity believe each young person has a worth uncovering, talents worth discovering and a life worth living to their fullest of potential, no matter their past or their present circumstances. They enable young people (16+ in age) who are seeking asylum, some of whom have been victims of trafficking, to achieve this positive future through providing specialist supported accommodation and holistic development training.

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