The hydrogen landscape

Hydrogen is a highly versatile natural energy carrier (which, if handled within defined guidelines) can be safely integrated into widespread consumer use under existing, well established industry codes and practices.

Intelligent Energy PEM fuel cells use pure hydrogen as a primary fuel stock to generate electricity. Hydrogen is supplied in a variety of different containment devices dependent upon the final market and application.

From its use as a grid-scale energy storage solution for intermittent renewable energy, to a fuel stock for distibuted power, fuel cell electic vehicles (FCEV) and portable power devices, hydrogen is a versatile solution for today’s growing global energy requirements.

For the automotive market

Vehicle electrification is the primary pathway towards reduced emissions and a shift towards renewable sources of energy. For a low CO2 society, hydrogen is a primary enabler.

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For the distributed power & generation market

Compressed hydrogen can be provided by international gas suppliers for direct use with distributed fuel cell power solutions for both city and remote locations.

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