Charnwood charities and organisations benefit from funding of over £60,000 this year with other local groups urged to apply for 2020’s remaining Intelligent Energy Charitable Trust funds

Published on Wed 12 August, 2020

LOUGHBOROUGH - Wednesday 12 August 2020 

  • Over £60,000 worth of funding has been awarded recently to community groups and organisations in the Charnwood area.
  • The Intelligent Energy Charitable Trust donates £100,000 each year to local causes
  • Applications for the remaining £40,000 are now open.

Intelligent Energy, a fuel cell engineering company based in Loughborough, launched the Charitable Trust in January 2019. It was established to support local causes in need of financial assistance which, support and aid, amongst others, community groups, young people, sport, and lifelong learning.

The Trust’s committee is due to meet for the final time this year in October to allocate the remaining £40,000 funds for this year and applications for 2020 award allocations will close on Friday 25th September.

David Woolhouse, CEO at Intelligent Energy, commented: “We know local groups and organisations need financial support now more than ever. With the events of recent months, more and more people are turning to organisations for support and help and we are grateful we can help in some way to support these organisations. All of these charities are providing vital services and lifelines to local people and families in what is an unprecedented situation.”

This year, seven applications have been successfully awarded to date with amounts of funding ranging from £1,550 to £25,000. The charities and organisations who have received funds are:

The Loughborough Leggo Youth Group is an organisation that supports young people aged 10-18 years who have physical, mild learning and social interaction difficulties. £2,340 awarded will be spent on a room hire and a Qualified Sessional Worker for a year.

Living Without Abuse provides support to men and women experiencing domestic abuse. With a recent 120% increase in calls to domestic abuse helplines, funds are needed now more than ever. £5,000 was awarded to cover the costs of fundraising events.

Menphys has been awarded £1,550 for the launch of the Menphys District Partnership Initiative which will provide physical activity clubs for pre-school children with disabilities in the Charnwood area.

Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People will be using their funding award of £17,354 to fund physiotherapy sessions.

Shepshed Lions Community First Responders will be putting their £3,000 award towards the lease for a replacement fully marked ambulance vehicle which will serve as a back-up vehicle for East Midlands Ambulance.

Steps Conductive Education Centre supports children who have special educational needs. They received the largest award in this latest round and the £25,000 will support a new group for children, their siblings, and families to enjoy joint learning sessions together once a week.

MOVE charity has received £15,600 to support 50 local children and young people who are living with cancer. They will be offered support via a special one-to-one online service to ensure.

The Intelligent Energy Trust is governed by a committee comprising of three Intelligent Energy employees and three external representatives; Jon Walker, Director of Enterprise Development at Loughborough University, Councillor James Poland of Charnwood Borough Council and Leicestershire County Council, and Julie Mather, Caseworker to Jane Hunt, Member of Parliament for Loughborough.

The Trust’s committee is due to meet for the final time this year in October to allocate the remaining 2020 funds and applications for this year’s award allocations will close on 25 September.

To apply for funds or to read more about the criteria for applications please visit


About Intelligent Energy

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