Department for Transport announces £20 million for zero emission road freight trials

Published on Tue 10 August, 2021

The Department for Transport (DfT) has announced £20 million in funding for pioneering zero emission road freight trials and studies - aimed at developing innovative solutions for zero emission trucks and trucking in the UK.

Intelligent Energy is pleased to announce it will participate in one of the successful projects, the H2GVMids feasibility study. The study will be led by EDF Energy’s R&D UK Centre and will focus on understanding the use of hydrogen and fuel cells for powering 44 tonne trucks, with the Midlands considered as a trial area.

Intelligent Energy has recently launched the IE-Drive HD, a modular high power fuel cell system for the heavy duty vehicle sector, so is well placed to participate in the study and warmly welcomes this collaborative approach to assess a Midlands use case for 44 tonne zero emission hydrogen trucks.

The full DfT announcement is available here: