Evaporatively Cooled (EC) Systems

Intelligent Energy’s proprietary and patented high performance, Evaporatively Cooled (EC) fuel cells provide reliable power generation from 5kW to 100kW.

Intelligent Energy’s Evaporatively Cooled fuel cells have been refined and proven in automotive and aerospace applications worldwide. Thermal management of the EC fuel cell stack utilises the benefits of the heat of vapourisation in contrast to circulating coolant through the cells, reducing systems complexity, mass and cost.

Patented EC fuel cell stack and system design combine robust, thin metallic plate construction with innovative fluid and power management architecture together with robust, smart control system software. The overall result is a compact and power dense system that requires fewer balance of plant components than conventional fuel cell solutions.

EC power systems are designed for high volume, low cost manufacturing, utilising modular architecture that can be readily modified to suit the intended application, form factor and power duty requirements.

Intelligent Energy has substantial experience in developing mass manufacture orientated fuel cell power systems. In addition, the company has developed and owns key intellectual property in system integration, balance of plant know-how, proven software libraries for technology insertion, hybridisation and power management.

Intelligent Energy’s EC system offers world-class rapid sub-zero start up and novel system architecture and proprietary water management allows the system to function successfully in extreme low temperature environments.

Technology Summary

  • Class leading power density of 3.5kW/l (volumetric) and 3.0kW/kg (gravimetric)
  • Low pressure operation (0.3BarG)
  • Sub-zero capability
  • Thin, multi-function, metallic, single piece bipolar plate
  • Stack configurations catering for a power range of 5kW-100kW
  • High hydrogen utilisation
  • Excellent cell-to-cell balance
  • Closed cathode – pressurised
  • Air provided by a blower/compressor
  • No pre-stack humidification required
  • No cooling plates