Kurt Mistry

Kurt Mistry

Senior LabVIEW Test Development Engineer

“There is a real sense of purpose to work for a company like Intelligent Energy.”

It is exciting to work amongst, engineers, scientist and business professionals that are driven and passionate about making a positive contribution to the world around us. Since joining the business in July 2018, I’ve been able to collaborate with many talented colleagues and make progress towards common milestones and goals.

It feels like I am working for a visionary, product focused company, where scientific discovery and engineering innovation is happening.

In my role I develop software defined automated test, measurement and embedded control systems. The projects I work on can range from computer-based sensor logging applications to more advanced control rigs for validation and verification and even development of automated test systems for production test.

The key skills required in my role are for me to be able to fully understand application requirements and manage my development time and projects to meet delivery expectations for my stakeholders. The role often requires good technical troubleshooting, problem-solving and communication skills with a focus on the end user and their needs. In my development approach I apply suitable software design patterns and architectures and creatively engineer solutions.