IE-DRIVE 100 for fuel cell powered vehicles

Our fuel cell ‘engine’ for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles

IE-DRIVE 100 for fuel cell powered vehicles

IE-DRIVE™ 100 is designed to meet the performance and space constraints of passenger and light commercial fuel cell powered vehicles (LCV), providing peak power up to 110kW in a compact, engine shaped format.

The hydrogen fuel cell module and surrounding system has been designed specifically for integration into fuel cell powered vehicles, including cars or LCVs, replacing an existing fossil fuel engine with a zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell. The modular design enables the integration of this to be as straightforward as possible, whilst meeting the challenge of packaging into an existing vehicle.

IE-DRIVE 100 is currently being developed by Intelligent Energy, with units available for test and development in 2023. Please contact us if you have a programme and would like to find out more about our product.

Applications of IE-DRIVE 100

  • Passenger vehicle
  • Light commercial vehicle

Summary product information

Description A hydrogen fuelled PEM fuel cell power unit, with design package for a FWD automotive requirement, ready for multi-sample design validation in small fleet and test conditions.
System architecture

Fuel cell system: Includes fuel cell stack, low pressure hydrogen management, air compressor module, internal de-ionised water module, condenser and control system

Fuel cell stack: Intelligent Energy proprietary evaporatively-cooled fuel cell stack – metallic plate

System electrical output

Rated net power output (current & voltage) 65kW (BoL 232A / 280V, at EoL 283A / 230V)

Peak net power output (max current & min voltage) 110kW (BoL from 448A / 230V to 455 / 245V)

Physical – complete system excluding condenser

Mass 240kg**

Volume 390l**

** Excludes heat exchanger and exhaust

* Please refer to the datasheet for the full product specification.