IE-POWER fuel cells

Zero emission hydrogen fuel cell solutions to meet your net zero targets

IE-POWER fuel cells

IE-POWER™ is our eco-friendly hydrogen fuel cell used across a wide range of applications, including standby power, materials handling, telecoms, micro-grids and construction delivering zero emission energy.

The IE-POWER hydrogen fuel cell range includes the IE-POWER 1T and 1U product and the IE-POWER 4 product. These modules deliver power from 1kW upwards producing zero carbon emissions, zero greenhouse gases and reducing noise.

Hydrogen fuel cell modules can be used in the following areas where challenges around emissions can be seen:

  • Replacing diesel engines – fuel cells can deliver long term power generation across a number of applications, without impacting or interrupting day-to-day operations.
  • Materials handling – increasing truck optimisation and productivity with a ‘plug and play’ solution enables fleets to run more efficiently and for shift patterns to no longer be constrained by battery charging time.
  • Telecoms & micro-grids – when used in conjunction with an electrolyser, our IE-POWER fuel cell modules can form clean, self-sustaining energy solutions, keeping critical applications working when needed the most.
  • Construction – improved health & safety benefits for onsite workers due to reduced noise and greenhouse gas emissions.

Diesel generators have been the traditional power source for many types of industrial equipment, as well as providing back-up for when the electricity grid fails. However, with an increased focus on the reduction of carbon footprints and the prioritisation of corporate social responsibility issues, there is a real demand for industries to adopt cleaner fuels whilst maintaining reliability and cost effectiveness.

As a cleaner alternative to polluting diesel, our hydrogen fuel cells deliver power to a range of applications, with the only emission being water vapour. This is done using our air-cooled (AC) technology which combines hydrogen that is fed into the stack with ambient air to produce clean DC power in a simple, cost-effective, robust and lightweight package.

Due to their modularity, our IE-POWER’s fuel cell modules can be connected together to deliver power from 1kW upwards. With variable output voltage, the modules can be configured to suit a number of applications and work with a wide variety of battery types. IE-POWER’s fuel cell modules are compact, use our patented airflow management, are simple to integrate and easy to operate.

Like traditional methods, refuelling hydrogen takes minutes and with the right infrastructure in place, can be done on-site. We work with several partners around the world to provide a full package solution that enables you to be self-sustaining and become less reliant on the grid.

Benefits of IE-POWER fuel cells

  • Small, light, power dense hydrogen fuel cells
  • Compact and easy to integrate
  • Unique patented airflow management
  • Configurable to work with various battery technologies
  • No power degradation during periods of operation
  • Quiet operation

Applications of IE-POWER fuel cells

  • Stationary power
  • Construction
  • Materials handling
  • Telecoms
  • Micro-grids


Small, light, power dense

Unique air management



Power efficiency