IE-POWER 4 stationary fuel cell

Our fuel cell module for power generation applications such as stationary power, micro-grids, telecoms, and critical infrastructure.

IE-POWER 4 stationary fuel cell

IE-POWER™ 4 is Intelligent Energy’s fuel cell module for power generation applications, such as stationary power, micro-grids, telecoms, and critical infrastructure.

Running on hydrogen and oxygen from the air, the IE-POWER 4 stationary fuel cell is designed as a self-contained power solution with all requisite balance-of-plant components to produce clean DC power in a power-dense and convenient package. The module has been designed with integrated 19-inch data rack mount points, enabling simple integration into existing systems.

The compact and modular unit can be deployed to deliver power for a wide range of electricity needs to keep your critical applications working, when you need them most.

Engineered to operate in a wide temperature envelope, the IE-POWER 4 is available in a range of configurations to meet customer requirements, with outputs of 24, 36, or 48 volts. The IE-POWER 4 is compact and lightweight to facilitate single operator use. It is a versatile, quiet, zero-emission power source for multiple industries and sectors, including:

  • Portable power generators providing flexible and dependable off-grid power
  • Backup power for telecoms and critical infrastructure
  • Clean power for construction equipment – ideal diesel replacement ensuring daily high-performance operation

Hydrogen fuel capacity can be sized according to user power needs. Combined with rapid refuelling capabilities and zero-emission operation, hydrogen fuel cells offer a clear advantage over both battery-only and diesel power sources.

Features of the stationary fuel cell

  • Compact
  • Robust
  • Simple to integrate

Benefits of stationary fuel cells

  • Zero maintenance, more efficient operations – lower TCO for your equipment
  • Quiet operation
  • Quick refuelling, increasing productivity
  • Zero-emission, health benefits
  • Eco friendly

Applications of the IE-POWER 4

  • Off-grid power, such as micro-grids
  • Range extender for battery banks
  • Telecoms backup power

Summary product information

Through life power 4kW @ 48V or 2.88kW @ 24V
Output voltage 48V or 24V
Rated current 83A @ 48V or 120A @ 24V
Fuel type Hydrogen gas
Fuel consumption Less than 70g per kWh
Mass ~20kg
Max. dimension 450mm (W) × 300mm (H) × 500mm (D)
Altitude 0 – 4000m
Operating ambient temp. range +5°C to +40°C

* Please refer to the datasheet for the full product specification.