IE-SOAR Series

IE-SOAR fuel cell systems replace your battery and unlock long endurance flight


IE-SOAR™ is our range of lightweight hydrogen fuel cell modules for fixed wing, rotary wing and VTOL applications, and is poised to unchain UAVs from the restrictive flight times offered by current battery technology. Our fuel cell technology requires only hydrogen and ambient air to produce clean DC power in a cost effective, robust and lightweight package. Furthermore, the modules have a higher energy to mass ratio than batteries – around double – enabling UAVs to fly further, for longer, and to achieve more.

  • Enable previously impossible applications – your business is no longer constrained by flight time.
  • Unlock BVLOS operations – BVLOS makes sense with the range provided by fuel cells.
  • Increase operational efficiency – spend more time in the air and achieve more.

Our IE-SOAR fuel cell modules deliver clean power from 800W to 2.4kW, with the flexibility of integrating modules together to reach higher power outputs. This power range allows us to target the widest range of applications, from mapping and LiDAR to linear inspection and defence.

Benefits for UAVs

  • Direct battery replacement – 6S to 16S compatible, automatically follows load demand just like a battery.
  • Designed for safety and reliability – Single point failure tolerant and with built in power system redundancy.
  • Modular – Combine systems in parallel for 800W to 24kW systems.

Fuel cells vs. internal combustion engines

  • Clean & zero-emission
  • Near silent operation
  • Reduced maintenance & no moving parts. No tuning

Fuel cells vs. batteries

  • Increased flight time
  • Faster refuelling
  • Built in power system redundancy


  • Parcel delivery
  • Linear Inspection
  • Cinematography
  • Civil Inspection
  • Agriculture
  • Military Surveillance
  • LiDAR and Mapping

Click here to read our latest press release with Shell. The company has chosen hydrogen fuel cell technology for its pipeline inspection operations in the North-eastern United States using Intelligent Energy’s IE-SOAR™ 2.4.

Direct battery replacement

Designed for safety and reliability