Martin Goodwin

Martin Goodwin

Senior Programme Manager

‘’I feel privileged to be part of the aerospace revolution as the industry moves towards electrification and a green future, and it’s great to see the progress we, as a company and industry, have made in the race to zero-emission aviation.’’

I joined Intelligent Energy in September 2020 with a background in engineering and delivering large civil aerospace programmes.  It was a great time to join the company as it was just prior to the launch of our main aerospace programme, H2GEAR. I have been very fortunate to lead the programme from the very beginning.

In my role, I am responsible for leading the cross functional team to deliver high-power units that meet the propulsion system requirements within the programme timescales.  The cutting-edge nature of the programme means there are plenty of challenges to overcome and I really enjoy bringing people together to work through these to deliver solutions.

My experience in new product introduction has allowed me to introduce some new ways of working and it’s great to see the wider team benefit from this.  Through all the hard work from the team I’m now very much looking forward to seeing the hardware come to life as we move towards design freeze and manufacture.