Hydrogen powered material handling equipment

Intelligent Energy work with FES to develop battery pack replacements for material handling equipment.

Fahrzeug Entwicklung Sachsen GmbH (FES) is a German development service provider based in Zwickau with process and complete vehicle competence that has been working for large OEM customers since 1992, as part of the Volke Group.

FES and Intelligent Energy announced in 2019 they would begin working together on developing a power product for the European electric powered fork lift trucks electric order pickers and tow trucks.
The FEScell, developed by FES, is a zero emission alternative to traction batteries. It is designed to replace 210mm battery boxes used in the warehouse, logistics and distribution markets.

In Europe, conventional traction batteries are mainly used in electric powered fork lift trucks, electric order pickers and tow trucks. However, they have some considerable disadvantages in daily use, which are particularly evident in three-shift operation.

The FEScell offers advantages such as a fast refuelling time, zero emissions, retrofitting, durability and very low maintenance. These features contribute to higher vehicle availability and thus reduce the costs during operation.

FES offers support in the areas of body development, chassis, powertrain, electronics / software as well as testing, prototype vehicle construction and driving test in the overall development process.

Applications for IE-POWER

  • Non road mobile machinery
  • Telecommunications
  • Disaster recovery
  • Portable power generation
  • Backup power
  • Emergency power
  • Off‑grid power
  • Microgrids
  • Auxiliary power units
  • Material handling equipment
  • Outdoor events

“There is great potential to save costs in the field of industrial trucks by using drive solutions with hydrogen. FES develops specific solutions based on customer requirements, which allow for maximum flexibility and compactness due to their modularity.

The IE-POWER from Intelligent Energy fits perfectly into this modular strategy and offers an optimal basis for integration with space-saving dimensions and high performance.”

Ben Wendrock, Team Leader, Fahrzeug Entwicklung Sachsen GmbH (FES)