Changan UK – IE-DRIVE

Zero-emission power for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles

Integrating zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell systems into passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.

Intelligent Energy are working with Changan’s UK R&D Centre to develop high specific power fuel cell passenger vehicles. This is part of the UK funded project ESTHER.

The funding provided through the APC will ensure that the ESTHER consortium develops and integrates valuable technology into the transport sector and will also be a key enabler to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2050.

The IE-DRIVE™ 100 system which has been developed for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles was installed into a Changan SUV in 2023.

Applications for IE-DRIVE:

“Fuel cell power is vital for Changan’s diverse future passenger car fleet and UK Government funding is enabling Changan UK R&D Centre to support zero emissions tech progression through to market.”

– Tony Duan, Fuel cell system control specialist at Changan UK R&D Centre

Fuel Cell System Specification

Peak power 110kW
Module mass 240kg