Zero-emission welfare cabins for construction sites

Developed by AJC, the Ecosmart Zero is a zero emission, hydrogen fuel cell powered, site welfare cabin.

It is the first viable welfare alternative for companies that are looking to reduce their carbon footprint and improve the environment for communities in the vicinity of its operation.

AJC has anticipated legislative demands on construction companies to reduce their CO2 emissions and the development of the Ecosmart is a clear move that the industry needs alternatives to those powered by diesel.

The IE-POWER was selected by AJC to power the cabin and it is capable of providing all the power it needs. IE-POWER offers quiet operation, minimal maintenance (simply an air filter inspection or change), and zero emission at point of use (the only output is water vapour) and are reliable.

In addition, the Ecosmart Zero’s zero emission credentials are strengthened as the power demands can also be met by solar on sunny days.

Hydrogen fuel cells are the ideal choice and a viable alternative to polluting diesel, to provide power in urban areas. Fuel cells have the potential to provide solutions to the UK’s most critical energy challenges -enabling growth while improving quality of life and minimising environmental impacts.

Applications for IE-POWER

“We have been asked by many of our customers to develop site welfare solutions that produce zero emissions at point of use. We believe that the Ecosmart Zero range of welfare cabins offer an opportunity for companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint and emissions.

IE-POWER has been straightforward to integrate and, importantly for us, there is no operating difference for the end user. It will just be quieter and cleaner.”

– Lisa Gillet, Sales Director at AJC Trailers