Hogreen Air – IE-DRIVE

Stationary Power – MW Power Station

Hogreen Air are using Intelligent Energy’s high power fuel cells in megawatt power plant applications.

Hogreen Air Co., Ltd. leads development and innovation based on technology and trust, offering various mobility solutions that utilise hydrogen. Using gaseous and liquid hydrogen, they support drone and stationary power applications.

Intelligent Energy signed an agreement for the delivery of IE-DRIVE™ HD100 fuel cell systems from 2024 for a multi-MW power station with Hogreen Air, a long-standing partner of the company.

Hogreen Air are based in South Korea and have previously bought and used Intelligent Energy’s IE-POWER™ and IE-SOAR™ product lines and have signed agreements based on development, distribution, and domestic licensing, showcasing expansion into the hydrogen market.

The company plan to construct a multi-MW power station using the IE-DRIVE™ HD100, with final assembly to be completed in a new facility in South Korea.

Applications for IE-DRIVE:

“Together with our reliable partner, Intelligent Energy, we will create a better life and greener future through clean energy.”

– Seong-ho Hong, CEO at Hogreen Air

Fuel Cell System* Specification

Through Life Power 100kW
Module Mass 250kg
Dimensions (L x H x W) 1260mm x 520mm x 700mm

*Fuel cell system: Fuel cell module package, includes fuel cell stack, low pressure hydrogen management, air compressor module, internal water module and control system. Heat exchanger, exhaust & intake filter packaged separately.