BWR Innovations work with IE to develop solutions for the SOL Energy Project

BWR Innovations work with IE to develop solutions for the SOL Energy Project

Loughborough, UK – 13th October 2021 – The North Dakota Industrial Commission, recently awarded a Renewable Energy Council Grant for $332,159 to BWR Innovations for their “SOL Source” Energy Project with Intelligent Energy. This project will provide the Emerging Prairie’s Grand Farm with a “green”, self-sustaining electrical energy supply for their operation. BWR Innovations has partnered with Intelligent Energy to bring their hydrogen fuel cell technology to this project.

BWR Innovations CEO, Joel Jorgenson states:

“We are very pleased that the Industrial Commission and Renewable Energy Council saw the potential of this proposal.”

Jorgenson continues,

“The “SOL Source” energy project is a full-scale farm project that will use solar and wind power to produce electricity and “green” hydrogen.  The hydrogen will be used by a fuel cell to produce electricity when solar and wind cannot produce enough needed electricity.  This is the first project of this size in North America, and we believe it will be a prototype for North Dakota farm site energy production and a potential revenue source as electricity or hydrogen sales.  All of the energy produced is carbon free and has a $0 variable cost.”

“This builds and expands on the SOL Source project we have with Southern California Gas (SoCalGas)”, added Jorgenson.

“The opportunity to power North Dakota family farms and small businesses is exciting.”

David Fields, Head of Product Line, IE-LIFT™ at Intelligent Energy, said:

“We have been working alongside BWR for a number of years looking at providing hydrogen powered solutions across a number of applications. Our IE-LIFT fuel cell modules offer an output range of 1.2-4kW which can be scaled to achieve a higher power. They are ideal for applications such as this project as they are easy to integrate, offer low maintenance and can be configured to work in a hybridised system with other renewable energy solutions.

We at Intelligent Energy are proud to be working with BWR and Grand Farm on a key project such as the ‘SOL Source Energy Project’ which will provide a blueprint for hydrogen powered energy solutions in the future. We hope this is the first of many such systems deployed in the State of North Dakota and across the United States.”


About Intelligent Energy

Intelligent Energy is focused on the development and manufacture of its Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cell products for customers in the automotive, aerospace, generator, telecoms, materials handling and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) sectors. The company is headquartered and manufactures in Loughborough in the UK, with additional offices and representation in the US, Japan, China and South Korea.

About BWR Innovation 

BWR Innovations, LLC is a Fargo, North Dakota-based private company with a team of seasoned, accomplished professionals that are creating innovative temperature monitoring, telemetry, and hydrogen/fuel cell-based products.  Their products include the iNsite ioT product line of wireless temperature monitoring products and the Sol Source fuel cell energy systems.

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About the North Dakota Renewable Energy Program/Renewable Energy Council

North Dakota’s Renewable Energy Program (REP) was established by the Legislature in 2007 under the control of the North Dakota Industrial Commission and consult with the Renewable Energy Council (REC). The Program’s responsibilities include providing financial assistance as appropriate (grants) to foster the development of renewable energy and related industrial and commercial use of the technologies involved. The mission of the Renewable Energy Council is to promote the growth of North Dakota’s renewable energy industries through research, development, marketing, and education.