Intelligent Energy invests in MW fuel cell testing facility, designed to support sustainable aviation using ‘green’ hydrogen

Intelligent Energy invests in MW fuel cell testing facility, designed to support sustainable aviation using ‘green’ hydrogen

  • Significant investment in new electrolyser and test facility will boost testing of hydrogen fuel cells capable of decarbonising air travel
  • The facility will open in 2025 and will enable the testing of fuel cell systems with output up to 1.3MW
  • A newly installed electrolyser will turn renewable energy into ‘green’ hydrogen, to be used in new state of the art test stations
  • New testing capacity will make Intelligent Energy to further develop fuel cells with the highest power density and reliability, crucial in delivering sustainable aviation to the UK and Europe 

Loughborough, UK – 11 July 2024 – Intelligent Energy (IE), a leading fuel cell developer and manufacturer, today announces a multi-million pound investment in the UK’s net-zero infrastructure with the development of a new fuel cell testing facility at Chelveston Renewable Energy Park in Northamptonshire.

Intelligent Energy, a privately funded company, is installing a state-of-the-art Enapter AEM electrolyser and testing facility at Chelveston, which will be operational by 2025. The electrolyser will use energy generated by the park to produce more than 100,000kg of green hydrogen annually, powering the fuel cells, a key technology that is central to the UK’s renewable energy strategy. Intelligent Energy is investing £7.1 million in the new facility at Chelveston, establishing their first megawatt power testing facility.

Alongside the electrolyser, Intelligent Energy has invested in two bespoke test laboratories, supplied by Proventia in Finland, providing the capability to support testing of high-power fuel cells for aviation and automotive applications. Once this infrastructure is in place, the site will be able to test both the capability and durability of Intelligent Energy’s fuel cells at scale. In total, the new facility will enable the testing of fuel cell systems up to a total power of 1.3MW. 

It is expected that hydrogen fuel technology will lead the way in decarbonising air travel for regional and sub-regional aircraft. The increased testing capacity that will be unlocked by the new test facility at Chelveston will ensure the power density, efficiency, reliability and durability of fuel cells for the aviation sector. 

Reflecting the joint commitment of both Intelligent Energy and Chelveston Renewable Energy Park to efficiency and sustainability, zero carbon green energy produced by the fuel cells during the testing process will be fed back into the Chelveston grid.

David Woolhouse, CEO at Intelligent Energy, said: 

“This is a significant investment in the UK’s clean energy future and once operational, our facility at Chelveston will be one of the foremost fuel cell testing facilities in Europe, as well as a demonstration of how much-needed green hydrogen can be generated from renewables. This is not only a significant step towards the decarbonisation of emissions-heavy industries such as aviation, but also a step towards the energy storage solutions that could further encourage the uptake of renewables. 

“Our facility will test fuel cells up to an output of 1.3MW, meaning fuel-cell arrays will be more readily available to the aviation sector, significantly increasing flight ranges without the increase in weight that would come from traditional batteries with this power output. Chelveston Renewable Park is at the forefront of renewable energy in the UK and we look forward to further driving innovation in these crucial technologies.”

David Wykes from Chelveston Renewable Energy Park, said: 

“We are pleased Chelveston Renewable Energy Park has been chosen as a location for Intelligent Energy’s new test facility. Chelveston is fast becoming an ideal site to develop new technologies which aid the transition toward a zero-emission, sustainable economy. 

“With energy generated through wind and solar, the facility we’ve built at Chelveston Renewable Energy Park means research and development can be conducted in an affordable and environmentally friendly way.”



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