Intelligent Energy partners with H2C to bring cargo parcel delivery drones to Italy

Intelligent Energy partners with H2C to bring cargo parcel delivery drones to Italy

Loughborough – 21 May 2024 – Intelligent Energy partners with H2C and their partner SAVE S.p.A to bring cargo delivery drones powered by IE-SOAR™ fuel cells to the North East of Italy, Regione Veneto.

Yesterday, as part of the Space Meetings Veneto conference in Venice, a collaboration agreement was signed to further Advanced Air Mobility between Regione Veneto, ENAC – Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile and SAVE S.p.A.

The objective of this agreement is to project and realise all the activities and needs to create and enhance new services, technologies and solutions to carry freight and even people by drone.

At the end of the signing ceremony, SAVE S.p.A and H2C, a company active in the energy infrastructure sector, presented a video recorded from the Space Meeting Port location, simulating the transportation of a medical package by an IE-SOAR fuel cell powered drone from Venice Passenger Terminal to Mestre Hospital. This was the first hydrogen drone powered flight in Italy authorised by the Civil Aviation Authority, ENAC.

Andy Kelly, Head of Product Line – IE-SOAR, said:

“It is fantastic to see Intelligent Energy’s strategic partners H2C and Regione Veneto taking advantage of the benefits of fuel cell technology for cargo parcel delivery within the region, allowing their drones to fly further and carry greater payloads compared to batteries.

Intelligent Energy looks forward to supporting the growth of a fleet of IE-SOAR fuel cell powered drones serving Regione Veneto, among other regions, in the years to come.”

Guido Casellato, Group CEO of H2C, said:

“H2C are very impressed with the technology and innovation from Intelligent Energy and we look forward to the growth of this successful partnership for fuel cell powered cargo parcel delivery drones when combining our technologies together.”

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