The Bionic Eye

Region(s) covered: Global

For over the last 10 years, The Bionic Eye has been helping customers design and build the very best, most capable and fit for purpose drones. In our business, nearly every drone is different. We’re driven by a passion for technical innovation. With our partners we absolutely believe that if it’s possible – we will help you to build it, in many case for the first time. It’s a collaboration to find solutions, drive innovation and make it work.

As drone pioneers we have either supported or built many of the firsts from specialist sensor integration to ultra long range systems. We also have off the shelf drones for up to 200kgs MTOM, to revolutionary and more exotic cutting edge propulsion systems such as the Intelligent Energy’s range of hydrogen fuel cell systems on numerous drone systems.

We have some of the widest experience in developing systems to very specific needs with the end deliverable always the key focus.