A unique solution extending drone flight times presently constrained by the limitations of batteries.


IE-SOAR™ 1.2kW is part of our lightweight hydrogen fuel cell product range for UAV applications. Our zero-emission fuel cell modules provide a unique solution to extend flight times to drones presently constrained by the limitations of batteries.

Our air-cooled (AC) fuel cell technology runs on hydrogen and ambient air to produce clean DC power in a cost effective, robust and lightweight package. The modules have a higher energy to mass ratio than batteries, enabling UAVs to be refuelled in minutes.

By replacing the battery with a fuel cell power module, flight durations of over three times can be achieved.  The modules are scalable and can be integrated into your UAV platform without compromising payload placement, providing a natural solution for a wide range of industries using multi-rotor, fixed wing or proprietary designed UAVs.

  • Enable previously impossible applications – your business is no longer constrained by flight time.
  • Unlock BVLOS operations – BVLOS makes sense with the range provided by fuel cells.
  • Increase operational efficiency – spend more time in the air and achieve more.

Our IE-SOAR 1.2kW modules deliver zero-emission power and can work in parallel to reach higher power outputs.


  • Direct battery replacement – 12S to 16S compatible, automatically follows load demand just like a battery.
  • Designed for safety and reliability – Single point failure tolerant and with built in power system redundancy.
  • Modular – Combine systems in parallel higher power systems.

Fuel cells vs. internal combustion engines

  • Clean & zero-emission
  • Near silent operation
  • Reduced maintenance & no moving parts. No tuning

Fuel cells vs. batteries

  • Increased flight time
  • Faster refuelling
  • Built in power system redundancy


  • Parcel delivery
  • Linear Inspection
  • Cinematography
  • Civil Inspection
  • Agriculture
  • Military Surveillance
  • LiDAR and Mapping

Summary Product Information

Maximum continuous power 1200W
Peak power Up to 8000W
Output voltage (DCDC regulated) Configurable between 50V and 70V
Fuel cell power module dimensions 128 x 246 x 233mm
Fuel cell power module mass 2700g
Hydrogen regulator mass 315g
Maximum regulator (cylinder) pressure 350 bar/5000 psi
Maximum cylinder mass 10kg
Default hybrid batteries configuration 2 x 6S in series
Environmental operating conditions operating temperature -5°C to 40°C
Maximum altitude 3500mm

* Please refer to the datasheet for the full product specification.