Accelerating Automotive Evolution

Today there are over 800 million vehicles on the road, with the number expected to reach two billion by 2050. Despite significant internal combustion engine developments to reduce emissions, there is a clear need for a cleaner, commercially viable alternative. In response to this need many of the world’s leading car manufactures have publicly stated their goal to commercialize fuel cell powered vehicles in the 2015/2020 timescale.

PEM fuel cells in a hybrid electric configuration are viewed as a highly efficient alternative to the internal combustion engine, offering practical driving ranges, the desired performance and dramatically reduced overall emissions, producing no harmful emissions at the exhaust pipe.

In fact, research from the US Department of Energy has found that that fuel cell electric vehicles achieved more than twice the efficiency of today’s gasoline vehicles with refuelling times of five minutes average for four kilograms of hydrogen. Click here for the full story

In addition please click the below link to view a fact based study on the role of Battery Electric Vehicles, Plug-in, Hybrids and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles. A portfolio of power-trains for Europe: a fact based analysis

We partner with some of the world's leading automotive manufactures to provide the power technology and system knowledge to make fuel cell electric vehicles a reality today.

  • Only fuel cells can provide the required mix of emission reduction and range
  • Fuel cell vehicles can reduce CO2 emissions by 75% in the automotive sector