Intelligent Energy leads UAV fuel cell power market with launch of 2.4kW module

Published on Tue 16 April, 2019

• Extends product portfolio to offer a flight duration of over five times that compared to batteries
• Provides reliable solution for powering heavier and larger UAVs with higher payloads

Intelligent Energy is to launch a market leading 2.4kW fuel cell power product for the commercial UAV market at the largest industry show, AUVSI Xponential 2019, Chicago (30 April – 2 May).

MetaVista breaks World Record of multi rotor UAV flight time using Intelligent Energy Fuel Cell Power Module

Published on Tue 16 April, 2019

• Longest ever multi rotor flight of over 12 hours
A flight time of 12 hours, 7 minutes and 5 seconds was officially recorded by South Korean company MetaVista as it successfully broke the multi rotor UAV World Record of flight time. The MetaVista team used a 6-litre liquid hydrogen cylinder and Intelligent Energy’s 800W Fuel Cell Power Module to power the UAV.

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