Japanese partner, Teijin, develops Portable Fuel Cell and Pressure Vessel Units

Japanese partner, Teijin, develops Portable Fuel Cell and Pressure Vessel Units

Teijin develops Portable Fuel Cell and Pressure Vessel Units to promote wider use of clean hydrogen energy.

Tokyo – 8th March 2023 – Teijin Limited, a Japanese partner of Intelligent Energy Limited (IEL), announced today that it has developed a compact, lightweight and highly portable fuel cell unit and a companion pressure vessel unit that supplies hydrogen fuel from three lightweight cylinders.

The new solution for integrated fuel cell operation and easy fuel supply is expected to help expand the range and scope of fuel cell use. The units will be used for the first time this spring in a demonstration with Tokyu Construction Co., Ltd., which is participating in a major redevelopment of the Shibuya Station area in Tokyo where the demonstration will take place. After verifying performance during the demonstration, Teijin expects to begin selling commercial versions of the fuel cell and pressure vessel in Japan from around the spring of 2024.

The fuel cell unit is a portable generator that conveniently integrates the equipment necessary for fuel cell operation. Its compact and lightweight design incorporates the new IE-LIFT™ 1T fuel cell developed by British manufacturer Intelligent Energy Limited.

A large-capacity battery ensures about one hour of continued operation at the rated output if the hydrogen supply is temporarily depleted or the fuel cell fails for any reason. A built-in communication terminal enables the level of remaining hydrogen as well as the unit’s operating status to be monitored remotely via a mobile device, reducing the burden of monitoring critical information and the risk of encountering potential problems. The unit even has an internal system to visualize the amount of CO2 emissions eliminated compared to a fossil-fuel generator. The fuel cell, which measures 450 (W) x 570 (D) x 910 (H) mm and weighs about 60kg, is rated for 700-800W continuous power and 1,500W maximum power.

The new pressure vessel unit is a portable hydrogen-fuel supply device equipped with three Ultressa® lightweight, corrosion-resistant composite pressure-cylinders developed by Teijin Engineering Limited, a subsidiary of Teijin. In addition to reducing the overall weight when transporting hydrogen fuel under high pressure, the cylinders feature an inner liner made of seamless gas-tight aluminum alloy wrapped in high-strength fibers in a multilayer structure impregnated with epoxy resin. In the unlikely event of cylinder failure due to overpressure, the liner will begin to leak gas rather than rupture (i.e., a “leak before break” structure). Also, a decompression device reliably lowers the pressure with a simple valve operation to supply hydrogen safely even when a cylinder is at maximum pressure. The unit, which measures 510 (W) x 765 (D) x 814 (H) mm and weighs about 80kg, is also rated for 700-800W continuous power and 1,500W maximum power.

The new fuel cell unit and a companion pressure vessel unit will be showcased at the FC Expo, which will take place at Tokyo Big Sight from March 15 to 17.

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About Intelligent Energy Limited 

Intelligent Energy Limited is focused on the development and manufacture of its Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cell products for customers in the automotive, aerospace, generator, telecoms, materials handling and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) sectors. The company is headquartered and manufactures in Loughborough in the UK, with additional offices and representation in the US, Japan, China and South Korea.


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