Our UAV products

Market leading fuel cell power for UAVs. IE-SOARTM modules are the lightest available in the world.

  • Longer flight time
  • Improved ROI
  • Fast refuel

Intelligent Energy provides a unique solution to extend flight times to UAVs presently constrained by the limitations of batteries. Flight durations of over three times that provided by batteries have been achieved and fuel cells provide a natural solution for manufacturers moving to larger drones and heavier payloads.

Intelligent Energy’s air cooled fuel cell systems run on hydrogen and ambient air to produce clean DC power in a simple, cost-effective, robust and lightweight package. They have a higher energy to mass ratio than battery based systems and can be refuelled in a few minutes.


IE-SOAR™ 800W 2nd Generation

Ideal for fixed wing and VTOL UAVs. Military surveillance, survey and inspection.

Download the IE-SOAR 800W datasheet

IE-SOAR™ 1.2kW

Direct battery replacement providing much longer flight times.

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For more information, please download our datasheet.

Download the IE-SOAR 1.2kW datasheet

IE-SOAR™ 2.4kW

Designed for rotary wing UAVs upto 55lbs (25kgs). Ideal for LiDAR and linear inspection.

Download the IE-SOAR™ 2.4kW datasheet

Self-build UAVs

Optimised solution for IE-SOAR™ modules

Readily available, off the shelf parts for a cost effective route to longer flight time.

Download our self-build infographic

IE-SOAR™ Accessories


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For more information, please see our cylinder guide.

Download our cylinder guide

Lightweight Regulator

Specially designed for

IE-SOARTM with minimum impact to payload thanks to lightweight design.

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  • Specially designed for IE-SOARTM
  • Lightweight design means minimum impact to payload
  • Ensures correct flow of hydrogen to IE-SOARTM module
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TPED valve

Enables the transport of filled H2 cylinders, certified for use in Europe and the US.

Increased safety, lower CAPEX and more efficient operations.

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For more information, please see our refuelling guide. 

Download our refuelling guide

Portable Load Unit (PLU)

Reconditioning unit to ensure maximum efficiency for IE-SOARTM 650W and 800W.

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  • Portable recondtioning unit
  • Easy connection and one button operation
  • Ensures maximum efficiency of IE-SOARTM modules
Download the PLU datasheet