100kW fuel cell system for buses, trucks and stationary power applications


IE-DRIVE™ HD has been developed by Intelligent Energy (IE) as a complete fuel cell system to provide up to 100kW of continuous power.

The fuel cell system is compact and simple to integrate.  The main fuel cell module contains the fuel cell stack and most of the balance of plant, with a series of connections designed that follow the StaSHH  standard. IE also supply the heat exchanger and exhaust system to reduce the time and effort required to install our fuel cells systems.

IE-DRIVE HD has been designed to be certified for road use, ideal for integration into buses or trucks, as well as other motive applications such as large material handling (MHE), off-highway vehicles, construction, rail and marine.

IE-DRIVE HD can also be used in stationary or mobile power applications, such as hybrid generators, back-up power and large-scale (multi-MW) power generation from hydrogen.


  • Bus
  • Truck
  • Stationary Power
  • Construction / Off-highway
  • Material handling
  • Rail
  • Marine

Summary Product Information

System architecture

Fuel cell system: Fuel cell module package, includes fuel cell stack, low pressure hydrogen management, air compressor module, internal water module and control system. Heat exchanger, exhaust & intake filter packaged separately

Fuel cell stack: IE patented evaporatively-cooled fuel cell stack design – metallic pressed plate, bi-polar design (no separate cooling plates)

System electrical output

Rated net power output Up to 100kW (continuous power*)

Peak net power output 110kW net (BoL)

Maximum voltage 385V

Physical excluding condenser

Mass 275kg

Volume Fuel cell module dimensions (L x H x W): 1260 x 520 x 700mm) Volume: 460 litres


Operating ambient temp. -20°C to +40°C nominal (-40°C to +65°C derated)

Storage / Shipment -40°C to +85°C


Type Gaseous hydrogen to ISO 14687:2 grade D

Peak efficiency 55%

Fuel flow rate at 70kW 4.6kg/h at BoL to 5.6kg/h at EoL

Fuel supply pressure 6 to 10 bar gauge

* Please refer to the datasheet for the full product specification.