Working with us

Ultra lightweight fuel cell systems

Intelligent Energy’s hydrogen fuel cell systems are readily configured to meet the needs of commercial drone manufacturers and service providers. Our modular fuel cell stack designs allow for scaling across the 10W to 20kW range. Our proprietary stack designs with their robust, lightweight metal construction feature in systems that deliver high gravimetric energy densities of up to 800Wh/kg. 

Power System including fuel storage

The wide power range available is provided using air cooled fuel cell stack technologies, in multiple stack formats. The voltage is determined by the number of cells in a stack, and stacks can be arranged in parallel or series to meet current and voltage requirements.

Intelligent Energy can design all required Balance of Plant (BOP) including electronics and software to produce optimised solutions to the most challenging UAV applications.

Design Flexibility

The form factor of the entire fuel cell system (including hydrogen storage) can be configured to meet the specific requirements of multi-rotor and fixed wing UAVs. Our design team works with manufacturers and service providers to develop the right power system to deliver the required flight time capability for each application.