Knowledge and experience with fuel cell system design, development and deployment sets our platforms apart.

Our global team of engineers, scientists and programme managers understand that the quality of your system depends on the quality of ours.

Intelligent Energy has a long cultural heritage in R&D which continues to evolve, mature and shape our existing and future technology offerings for our partners.

Intelligent Energy’s technology roadmaps define the on-going needs of the business, enabling technical advancement which aligns to our strategic market focus. Intelligent Energy's platform development focus includes:

  • Applied research to develop useful materials, devices and subsystems that will continue to improve the cost, performance, manufacturability and durability of our fuel cell platforms.
  • Advanced technology development (ATD) programmes to evaluate new technology concepts that will ultimately enable us to deliver more efficient power solutions to our partners.
  • Advanced system development (ASD) programmes which specifically support partner product aspirations. This includes concept and technology demonstrations of hardware and software which address specific integration needs, ensuring that together we continue to provide optimum global power solutions.

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Air Cooled (AC)

Air Cooled fuel cell systems utilise low power fans to provide cooling and the oxidant supply for operation.

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Evaporatively Cooled (EC)

Our proprietary and patented high performance, Evaporatively Cooled (EC) fuel cell system provides reliable power generation up to 100kW.

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